maandag 28 februari 2011

Art update

Hi guys,
during the holidays I got bored and made an eye. As i usually do!
And i colorred it with nailpollish. Which turned out awkwardly well ..
lol I'm talking 2 much again.. Here it is. Tell me what you think much much love love Zenn♥

2 Fabulous Fashion Face-offs!

Hi you guys!
I was thinking about posting some celebrity outfits on the redcarpet but that will come later some other day!
I want to do a fashion face-off! Scroll down or read my first schoolday after one week of holiday story.
My first day at school was kinda fun. I liked it. First hour we had Art yeaaah :). And my sweet sweet teacher (sarcasm) which told me to do CM (Culture and Society) but I want to do NT. Thats the only way I can go if I want to study Medicine!! I showed her a sketch of mine and she was just blown away. I'll show you guys when its like fully made and prepared to show you!



Tell me who you think looks better!
I personally think Demi looks better all the way!
And on the second I think Marissa Miller just totally nailed that outfit! It suites her so well.
Beyoncé, I'm sorry for you honey it doesn't suit your body.
TELL ME WHAT YOU GUYS THINK, i'd love to know!


zondag 27 februari 2011

Last day

today is my last day of our very short holiday.
And thats not cool, anyways I guess it just needs to be.
In this coming period I have to work really really hard.
So I might have a lack of posting, sorry for that!
Much love,

zaterdag 26 februari 2011

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Who owns my heart is it love or is it art?

Today I did nothing. A boring day in the holiday thats okay with me :).
Here is my outfit, and now I'm going out eating in a Restaurant called 'Meram' DE-LI-CI-OUS!
byeee you guys! xxx

New header

Hey you guys,
Today I made a new header. What do you guys think?
Much love, Zenn


So yesterday Quinty came! We made some fun video's and pictures for the preview of our vlog.
If you want to follow us, yes please:
Tommorow I'm going to Scheveningen with my mom dad brother and little sister.
There is one great restaurant called India Palace. So delicous.
When I went shopping monday I bought so many cute stuff. But when I came home my ring broke!!
pictures coming soon!
Here are the pic's of me and Quin

love, Zenn

zondag 20 februari 2011

Some Demetria Devonne Inspiration

Satin blue blouse and black Ray Ban

Leather jacket - White shirt - Silver necklace

Half sleeved black top - Jeans jacket sleevless - Black Ray Ban - Alot accesoiries

Black oversized shirt with eagle - Black Ray Ban - Bracelets - Skirt with belt

Red checked blouse with Black Ray Ban