dinsdag 28 juni 2011



no posts yet but...that will come

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Hello there, falsies.

Today was my mothers birthday YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
She turned 36 years! I am really happy with her as my mother
and I really appriciate her. For fun I wore false eyelashes today haha.
They look so weird. I'm going to show you guys some pictures.
On 7 o'clock we had a wedding 'after' party of my mothers friend. That was fun too.
I am really looking forward to the summer. I'm going to try to post a OOTD picture EVERY single day.
Yeah ..every day!

here are the pictures.
loveeee, xx

zondag 19 juni 2011

Hey you! You're beautiful..fuck the skinny bitches :)!

Hey everyone.
Haha, you're probably wondering what's that title about! Well I am pretty sick of everything going about being thin..It's even hypnotizing ME! Och! I am so sorry for my lack of good posts lately. So I wanted to give you a good and a little bigger post. I am going to talk about my school, issues, clothes, free time, celebrities and holidays
School is going good: wow that’s such a surprise isn’t it hahaha! No, but I had the highest grades in Chemistry and Science. Yaaaay me J! I have to say I am pretty proud of it. But I don’t like to be in the centre of attention when I am not feeling well…I will tell you more about this..anyways. I have 2 weeks of ‘’real’’ school left and after that we have 1 week for ‘’fun’’ things to do. With ‘’fun’’ they mean: ThingsThatTeachersLoveToDoInTheirFreeTimeButTheStudentsHateTheMost. Yeah, so not that fun ;)! Except of the last day…FRIDAY J! WE’RE GOING TO WALIBI WOOOHOEE! So my friend and I did a webshow thing which got blown up. But we’re going to film it anyway. The best moments, the funniest and obviously THE GOLIATH. Hahah can’t wait!
Now my issues. I really don’t want to worry you guys but I just wanted to let you guys know I am not happy with myself at this moment. It’s just everything. I really tend to get insecure because of my skin and weight. I don’t know. I don’t have any fat…I know that! But the scale tells me something else. Now I know muscles weigh more than fat but I just don’t like it!? Am I weird now? I really want to do a real weigh thing-ie so I can get to know what my fat percentage and muscle percentage is…That would calm me down. I literally stopped eating snacks. But just so you guys know, I am really strong..mentally nothing’s going to happen so don’t worry I just wanted to let you guys know!

I’ve bout a few cute new things lately a flowery/lace, a blue color-blocking belt and a white/blue striped dress with a hotpink little belt in the waist…I bought these things from the Bershka. I also bought a black cute dress and black leggings with suede on the upper leg and knee part and a old dusty pink singlet. I’ll take some pictures ;). I also bought a white tanktop with a chain on the front from ONLY. I’ve already worn this and made a outfit picture of it so here the picture is:
In my free time I started a drawing. I really just started..It’s not that good yet. The idea lies behind: You’re beautiful. It’s about a little fat and ‘’ugly’’ looking palm tree which is surrounded by pretty big and beautiful ones. It’s kind of like the society of this world. A ordinary girl who sees all these models and skinny persons and feels insecure..I’ll show you guys when it’s done.
I absolutely love Demi Lovato and I am so proud to say she is my role-model! She has the most amazing voice and her personality is great! She stands up against bad things like bullying and stuff. She has been through a lot and I love her for being a great role-model to look up to!
AAAAAAAAH I can’t wait till my holidays! I’m going to party, shop, watch movies, sport and everything! Me and my friend also had this awesome idea of wearing white maxi-dresses and just buy some paint and splash it onto each others dress! How cool is that!!! The week of 26 July I am visiting my cousins in Manchaster..I love them J. My family from London is also coming over..that’s going to be so much fun! I am going to save some money to go wild in shopping there ..The shopping is great in the UK J! The rest of the holidays (August – September) I need to fast for my religion. I am used to it now so it’s really no big deal. I actually like doing it and I miss it when that month is over. It’s special to me and I really care about my relief.

Now this was a big post huh J!
Here are some inspiration pictures, just to make you guys happy hahaha!
Love you all, Zenn

maandag 13 juni 2011


Och you guys...
I've got NO inspiration lately...and it sucks!
I'm sure I know the reason of it..the weather.
It changes every day..from sunny to rainy to thunder.
I can't handle it anymore so I just grab something out of the cupboard.
I hope it'll change in a few days...

donderdag 2 juni 2011


Hi you guys!
I washed my hair again this morning and it felt PERFECTLY it was just great no mousse nothing!
I went on the highway in the car with my mother ALL windows open...and my hair looks like shit now..
Here it is...:


Ohmyfuck, Edward's hot..

woensdag 1 juni 2011

Volleyball in the city. (de dam)

Hi guys!
I hate it ! My stupid knee! Because of that I couldn't join my classmates during this volleyball thingie today.
So I made some pictures :D. Here they are, I also put some new buys and some pictures with friends in it!.

xxxxx Zenn