vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Go run run run, I am just staying here watch you disappear

Hey guys!

I've got this long summer holiday :)! So happy. But I really have nothing to do. Exept of hanging with friends it's pretty boring so I thought let's search a job :)! So I went to this clothingshop called Vero Moda and asked them if they need some help during the holidays. They got my number. And after 2 days I was sick of waiting and I called them myself. They gave me an appointment for Tuesday morning and after that (HOPEFULLY) I can start working there. I love the shop. So I hope it goes well!

I've bought 2 new blushes and 1 blusher brush. 1 new top, new earrings a new necklace and ring. A new bag and a new maxidress. Pictures of everything will come soon. Including outfitpictures with them :).

Skyscraper the song is amazing and so inspiring. So is the video clip. So emotional I cry everytime I see it. To see which stars congratiolated her check out Demis twitter @ddlovato.
Here it is.

You might know that Demi Lovato and the Jobro's we're quite close. But after Jemi breakup they haven't been talking. This is why I wanted to take Nick Jonas in special commenting on Skyscraper.

So sweet, I always have knewn Nick
would stay by Demis side.
But this is it. xxx Zenn