zaterdag 9 juli 2011


''Try to tear me down and I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper, baby I'm a skyscraper''

This is a lyric from my rolemodel and amazing artist called Demetria Lovato her new single called: Skyscraper.
It's premiere is on 14 july on Ryan Seacrest :)! Here is the single cover, she looks amazing right?

This has been such a hectic week for me! First 2 days Monday and Tuesday I was really sick and had a fever. And I hated it soooooo much because it wasn’t a really good timing. It was my last week with my recent class and I really didn’t wanted to miss it. So Wednesday I went to school again we did a workshop at FOAM. I really liked the museum so artistic but than the workshop! HORRIBLE! I swear to god the cameras we got were 2 megapixels?! I could better bring my own CANON POWERSHOT. Wednesday afternoon me and my friend Quinty went to the city and got piercings… fake ones! Hahaha if they were real my mother would’ve killed me. Naah she wouldn’t have done that! But after that Quinty came over and we got ready because that night we went out eating with the class. So much fun! After we ate at Sizzling Wok we played at the KFC playground ghehe. Okay Thursday we went to Beeld&Geluid this wasn’t so much fun because I was feeling really bad again. So after that I went home took a Advil and went to sleep. Friday I woke up a bit better and I went to WALIBI with school yeah J and now I am sitting here. It was so much fun and I am just really bored right So here are the pictures.
This is the outfit I was wearing the day we went out..eating ;)

Love, Zenn

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